Quick Guide: How to Start a Membership Program

Dental Membership Plans

Membership plans as a business model is a win-win—you and your patients are both reaping the benefits. Your practice will be able to generate recurring revenue, and your patients will have access to an insurance alternative. We are so excited you decided to #JoinTheMembershipMovement, and we created this quick guide on how to get started with your in-house membership program!  

Set Goals

Commit yourself to a clear set of finalized procedures so that you stay organized and focused. Formulate a plan of measurable goals and objectives so that you can measure your progress and scale growth; these are also known as key performance indicators or KPIs. Some KPIs include current member count, the quantity of dropped members, and the average length of a held subscription. There is no way of improving performance or indicating room for change if you cannot measure it. So let’s choose some different paths to measure your success! 

Automation/Dental Membership Software 

Patient retention is arguably the central area of focus within your membership plan. Without it, you have no membership, and the goal here is patient loyalty and attentiveness. With all the hustle and bustle, patients gravitate towards things that make their lives simpler, and so do dentists! Having the right dental membership software in place to keep you organized can help your program grow much faster! With our MedLoyalty Platform, you can easily track all of your members, automate billing, formulate discounts, organize member plans, and more all in one place! Our system also helps automate new patient sign ups so that you can easily add new members. This platform will help keep you and your staff stay organized. You can make changes or updates to the program at any time. And if you ever need to make a staff change, the program will not be disrupted, while the new staff member gets training on the software. 

Set Pricing Structure

Your pricing structure is a massive part of your membership program. You will need to establish a pricing model that’s going to work within your market. You don’t want to charge too little or too much. So keep in mind your demographic. Dig into your return on investment, or ROI, and set a budget based on previous expenses and goals of your practice’s history. Conduct research on the organizations in your area, implementing similar programs to leverage the benefits and prices you choose to offer for your plan. Do you want to provide different membership levels or one standard one? Will you create bundles for families and other large groups? Also, keep in mind that if you have multiple practices located in different cities or states, create different location-specific pricing structures for each area. The best part of an in-house program is that you can develop a pricing model that makes the most sense for your practice and your patient base! Don’t forget; you can also reach out to your MedLoyalty Success Manager to help guide you as well. 


Training your team and front desk about your membership plan is essential. The program will not run smoothly unless everyone on your team is on board and well-educated on the membership program. Ensure that all employees, from hygienists to front desk secretaries, are trained and well-versed in all of the benefits and aspects of it. Make sure the staff knows that whether they are dealing with an insured or uninsured patient, the patient receives marketing information about your membership program. It’s important that your front desk clearly defines the benefits of your in-house plan and demonstrate how much money the patient can save! Even if a patient has insurance and decides to not sign up for your program, letting them know about it will help with word of mouth referrals. 


Being transparent in articulating your membership plan to potential members is crucial. Above all, identify what’s in it for them. If your membership plan is not conveyed in simple layman’s terms, you’ll lose your patients. Be prepared for questions from your patients and be ready to answer. Taking the time to answer all of their questions can help ease them into your membership program, especially if this is their first time signing up for something like this. Furthermore, you also want to make sure that your membership program is highly visible throughout the office. 


We are firm believers in equipping dentists for success when they implement their new membership program. We want you to grow! That’s why we offer marketing materials to practices that use our software. We provide you with posters, flyers, digital graphics, and much more! The benefits of a membership program sound great, but it’s not just going to happen overnight. We recommend that you explore traditional and digital marketing techniques to help grow your membership. For example, you can explore direct mail, email marketing, social media advertising, or targeted ads online. All of these tools can be an effective avenue to grow your subscriber base. 

Furthermore, beyond marketing, you must maintain a positive online image. Make sure your website and social media have information about your in-house dental membership. It’s also crucial that you have favorable reviews on your website, social media, and other online platforms. When you can, ask your existing members to leave a testimonial or review. Positive reviews will help validate your program. 

Before we go, we want to remind you that there are some state and local regulations to be aware of while starting your dental membership program. We recommend that you consult with your MedLoyalty Success Manager before launching your in-house dental membership program to review state and local regulations.

Lastly, remember to re-evaluate your dental membership plan over time. You may need to make changes that will ultimately improve the program. 

The ADA believes that dental membership programs will make a world of difference for both you and your patients and we couldn’t agree more!



Ready to take your practice one step further for both you and your patients? We are confident that our MedLoyalty 2.0 Platform can help transform your practice and patient relationships to a path of success!

If you have additional questions, please contact MedLoyalty either by email at [email protected] or call 1-833-44-LOYAL between 10 AM and 5 PM CST Monday through Friday.

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