Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclosure

Terms of Use

Welcome to the MedLoyalty Website. Please review the terms and conditions that govern your use of our Site to follow.

When you sign up for our services or access the website, you automatically indicate that you’ve read, understand, and agree to our terms of use. As you use our site, you’re bound to the terms in this Terms and Conditions section, as well as our privacy policy.

Medloyalty is not dental insurance, but rather an alternative to dental insurance.

Users must be 18 years or older to use the MedLoyalty portal services. Any services for minors (those 17 years of age and under) must be registered under an adult’s account.

In order to use our services, Dentists must be active members of MedLoyalty, including prompt payment of membership plans if their plan includes an additional fee.

To protect your data, MedLoyalty will take reasonable action and follow procedures to protect personal information that aligns with current U.S. law and our privacy policy.

MedLoyalty is not responsible for any damage done to your mouth, teeth, mental or physical wellbeing by a dentist using our services, or loss of any kind.

You acknowledge and agree that any information provided to MedLoyalty is offered up at your own sole risk to the maximum amount permitted by law as MedLoyalty disclaims any such damages, loss, or liability.

MedLoyalty cannot and will not guarantee that a dentist will continue to offer services through MedLoyalty.

All content on our Site is subject to copyright protection. Users of our Site and services may not use intellectual property of MedLoyalty without license or permission. Work may not be copied, redistributed, republished, or exploited for commercial purposes in any way, in whole or in part. Any violation of this will result in termination of the users account, as well as any actionable charges permitted by law.

Price and Payment Terms:
Prices are quoted in US Dollars, and payment must be made in the currency in which the price is quoted, whether through a bank account or credit card payment or any method MedLoyalty decides to introduce at absolute discretion. In addition, MedLoyalty reserves the right to accept to refuse payment that is made in any form. MedLoyalty and Dentists both reserve the right to adjust prices of services within their jurisdiction with proper notice.

For dentists, there are set prices that reflect the level of membership or type of account that the dentist has registered for. For patients, prices are set by the dentist through which they receive services, not including the price for TidyMouth, as set by MedLoyalty. For any non covered services, you will be charged by your dentist according to their rates. Collecting fees for non-covered services us the sole responsibility of the dentist.

MedLoyalty cannot guarantee that the services will be available from a dentist within the users area or network.

Payment may be required before access to the service provided. In the case that it is not, any agreed payment will be due from the moment the Order is accepted.

MedLoyalty reserves full rights to terminate services for users in the circumstance of non-payment of agreed amounts for services provided. Currently, MedLoyalty requires monthly payments. Options to choose annual billing may be added in the future. For any upgrade or downgrade in plan level, the new rate will take affect and be charged at the next billing cycle, as no prorating will be permitted in between billing cycles. Downgrading your account may cause loss of features or information capacity of your account, for which MedLoyalty does not accept liability for any such loss.

All patrons are responsible for any taxes, levies, and duties as required by the United States.

Any violation of the terms and conditions agreement will prompt the possible termination of users’ accounts. MedLoyalty maintains full rights to terminate user accounts for any reason at any time without prior notice. Dentists maintain full rights to terminate patient accounts for any reason at any time without prior notice. Additionally, MedLoyalty may hold or delete user information from a terminated account.

General information
Any information, charts, figures, facts or recommendations on the MedLoyalty site is intended for informational purposes only and are not intended as a substitute for any medical professional, diagnosis, or treatment.

If you are experiencing a dental or other type of emergency, please call 911 and do not use MedLoyalty as a substitute.

Notification of Changes
Changes may be made to these terms and conditions. If this occurs, users will receive a notification on the website that the terms and conditions have changed. Continued use of the services will indicate that users have agreed and are bound to the revised terms

If you have any questions concerning terms and conditions, please direct all questions, comments and inquiries to [email protected] or call 1-833-44-LOYAL

Privacy Policy

MedLoyalty is currently only available in the United States of America. MedLoyalty will operate in compliance with the United States of America’s privacy requirements.

We collect, maintain, and use data including first and last names, birthdays, emails, phone numbers, billing addresses, bank account information, usernames, passwords, and credit payment information as well as personally identifiable information. Additionally, we may collect information about your health such as if you are someone who requires periodontal disease treatment. We collect information when you register your account or update any information associated with your account or billing preferences. We may use this information to personalize your experience to better serve you as a user, to better provide service to you in response to your customer service requests, quickly process your transactions, or to follow up after correspondence. We also use this information to develop new products and services, and to any purpose to which you consent.

We also may collect some anonymous information about your connection to MedLoyalty services such as the device type you’re using, IP address, time and date of access, and operating system used.


  • MedLoyalty is not an insurance provider, but an arrangement between dentists and patients concerning services provided and payment.
  • MedLoyalty currently requires monthly billing, but may update to include annual billing in the future.
  • Dental care providers establish their own fees and these fees may vary between providers, services provided, and locations.
  • Both MedLoyalty and Dentists reserve full right to terminate your account for any reason.