My practice signed up for MedLoyalty… Now what?

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If your dental practice has just joined the family of MedLoyalty providers, congratulations and welcome! We’re excited to see you take the first HUGE step toward substantial practice growth, increased patient retention, and overall ease of mind for practice owners and managers.


Dentists join MedLoyalty for a number of reasons — they’re tired of the hassle of dealing with insurance companies and paperwork; patients aren’t regular because they’re not sure what insurance covers (or they may not even have dental insurance!); or maybe providers are just tired of seeing so much money go toward managing the insurance claims process. If any of those reasons sound familiar to you, you’ve made the right choice joining MedLoyalty. So, the question is… now what?


Step 1:

First things first — you’ll want to make sure you’ve talked to one your MedLoyalty Success Manager to fine-tune your membership levels and prices. You definitely don’t want potential patients to be confused about whether you have a membership plan that will work for them or how much membership plans cost. Sometimes it’s hard for people to admit they don’t understand information they hear or read about online, so they may not take the extra step to call and ask questions if they’re unsure. Let our MedLoyalty team help you get all of the information ironed out before you start communicating the big news to patients.

Step 2:

The next thing you’ll want to do is educate your staff, including your receptionists, office managers, billing personnel and anyone who might have direct contact with existing and potential patients. It would be pretty embarrassing if someone called or visited to ask questions about the new membership plans and they got inaccurate information from one of your staff members; it would be even worse if your staff member didn’t know what the patient was talking about! Take the time to clearly and carefully communicate with your staff about your customized MedLoyalty membership plans and what each person’s responsibility will be for implementing the new processes at your practice. Receptionists may need a new script for talking to potential patients; billing staff may need information on how new accounts will be billed, and everyone should probably review some of the most common FAQs about MedLoyalty. We can help with this onboarding process as well; ask us to send you resources on how to make this a smooth transition for you and the rest of your team! 

Step 3:

This next step is critical, and we can’t stress this enough — you will need to market your new membership plans to current and potential clients. MedLoyalty is an awesome product, but if no one ever hears about it, no one will sign up for it! Your marketing efforts should clearly communicate the following messages: 

  1. The benefits of dental care membership plans – no insurance! Flat monthly fees for routine care! The ability to budget for taking care of your teeth!
  2. The levels of your membership plans – what (and who) is covered by each plan level, including services, number of people, children vs. adults, etc.
  3. The costs of your membership plans – people often don’t go to the dentist because they’re not sure what their care will cost. With MedLoyalty membership plans, you can eliminate this uncertainty, but you have to provide clear information to current and potential clients about costs.

Your marketing plan already has a jump start with your MedLoyalty Welcome Kit! Our kit provides you with materials for your office and waiting room. We also provide digital assets for your practice’s website and social media platforms. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, so be diverse in the types and placements of your advertising. And talk to your MedLoyalty Success Manager for more material that may be available that we’ve already created to help your practice market to your patients.

If you have more questions about getting started, please contact us. We want to see you succeed with MedLoyalty because we believe in happier, healthier smiles!

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