Dental Insurance Alternative Helps Dentists Break Free, Build Practices

MedLoyalty Platform

BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. – MedLoyalty today announced the launch of its new, improved platform designed to help dentists build their own subscription-based in-house membership program as a better alternative to insurance. The company, based in Blountstown, Fla., was founded with the mission to provide dentists with a reliable and easy-to-use platform to build their practices and offer patients affordable dental services.

Traditionally, insurance companies hinder the profitability of dental practices by taking more than 30 percent of the practices’ earnings. Dentists also spend an inordinate amount of time discussing coverage and filing claims when they could be spending more time treating patients, leading to a loss of profit. With the platform launched today, dentists can now offer in-house membership programs with an insurance alternative, dramatically decreasing the cost of patient treatments.

“We know the high cost of dental insurance keeps patients from making oral care a priority, and managing insurance claims places an extreme burden on dental practices,” said Cassi Layne, CEO and Founder of MedLoyalty. “By empowering dentists to offer their own pay structure for dental services, we’re helping them put patients first and grow their practices in a healthy and sustainable way.”

MedLoyalty spent more than a year developing and improving upon its original platform, which helps practices manage membership patients and simplify the billing process. The new design focuses on making dental care more convenient, affordable and accessible for patients with or without existing dental insurance. With the new and improved platform, dentists can spend more time on patient care, providing patients with a better overall experience and improving patient loyalty. The program also provides dentists with the ability to control their own costs, rather than being dependent on insurance payments which may or may not come through.

As it launches the new platform, MedLoyalty is looking for practices to try the new platform at no cost for a limited time. Platform testers will have access to the services, a marketing kit promoting the in-house insurance alternative to patients and a dedicated MedLoyalty expert at all times for any questions or concerns. In exchange for complimentary access, platform testers would report their experiences back to MedLoyalty so the company can continue improving its program.

To become a MedLoyalty 2.0 platform beta-tester today, please visit or contact the company at [email protected].

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